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This Company’s Purpose. We are a 24 hours 7 days a week regional airport shuttle and reliable grounds transportation business, in the city of Charleston SC. also known as WestAshley, in the Ashleyville-Maryville  subdivision of town.  A E. Transportation of Charleston SC. specializes in many kinds of airport shuttle and taxi transportation to and from the Charleston International Airport, (any hours) of the day, night or morning! Most of all, we are a very prompt, detailed and courteous company that will transport you and yours safe and sound to your retreat destination, whether you’re on a vacation, a business conference trip or retreat with safety our utmost policy!

In addition, A E. Transportation of Charleston SC  is also a taxi, Chauffeur, limousine, car, van and bus transporting service that delights in providing parties and proms accommodations to the Charleston, and surrounding cities. For service, we can most surely be reached at 843 566-3892 or drop us an email any time of the day or night, at aetransportationprivateairport@gmail.com.  Our prices are low and very competitive, and our payment policy is if we are one minute late, there will be reimbursement of a portion of your gratuity. Let us work for you right now just call us today!

Safety And Service Policies. We service Mountpleasant, all of the Islands and surrounding cities. A.E. Transportation also provides these services to all visitors who are national or international tourists visiting these great scenic surrounding cities of greater Charleston.  With prices that are more than reasonable, we are confidently committed to the best quality of private transportation services available to our customers and clients alike in the Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties bar-none.  In addition to, A.E. Transportation of Charleston SC. is a staunch advocate proponent of moral and ethical practices when involving interactions with clients or customers;  any unethical advancement or practices  provoked by client/customer or Chauffeur is automatic grounds for deactivation of service or employment, first offense 3 months, the second offense 6 months, third offense 1 year, in our attempt to make service gratifying and enriching for every one.

In conclusion, our grounds transporting system is certified and the best as professional licensed operators with Commercial Drivers License.  Moreover, our newest service policy is! if you are a repeat customer, you will receive a loyalty discount for our appreciation of customers long term business.  This company is very passionate about making inner-city transportation affordable to every one, while revolutionizing this broad industry in the great Palmetto State of South Carolina.  A.E. Transportation also prides its self in the safety of customers and the residents of Charleston South Carolina,  ever being in compliance with safety regulations of state, city and federal motor vehicle laws. Seat belts, and child seats, are safety precautions and frequent vehicle inspections.

Private transport, compared to public commute, is transportation service which is not available for use by the general public.  As known, private and personal transportation is the dominant form of transporting in most of the world today.  In the United States of America, for example, 86.2% of commuting miles are by transport vehicles such as motorcycles, and trucks.  Some examples of private transportation are as followed, automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, taxis and private jets among others.

However, there are different grades or types of private transportation, such as A.E. Transportation of Charleston SC. and many others that charge a flat rate fee for service instead of miles, and are more personal and accommodating than the common or usual form of private transportation.  Most of the time, do to this more private and personal service, the fee is usually higher because of the quality of vehicle and direct commuting from a pick up location to the customer’s desired destination, with out stopping for other customers on the rout to a customer desired location.

It is also more accommodating by saving time so that certain customers can arrive to airports, events, places of leisure, jobs and more places at their intended times. These kinds of private transportation companies or organizations are most of the time privately operated or owned by individuals, not a city, county, state or government entity.

A.E. Transportation of Charleston SC. is located in Charleston, South Carolina. The company is categorized under the Taxi Service industry. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing passenger transportation by automobile or van, not operated over regular routes and on regular schedules. Establishments of taxicab owner/operators, taxicab fleet operators, or taxicab organizations are included in this industry.


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